Certified Zebra Technicians providing Repair Services in GTA since 1995

Zebra Printer Repair TorontoAt PrinterRepairGTA, we repair and service all the models of Zebra Thermal printer series. Our Zebra technicians are experts in resolving most common thermal printer issues like, LCD Display problems, Printing extra lines, Printed labels being faded just on the ends of the labels, Printhead misalignment, Printer not receiving sent print jobs, Continuously printing labels without being told, Miscalibrated or defective label pitch sensor, Light print or faded image, Partially missing print or cut off, Broken bars or lines in a barcode, Poor or low barcode ANSI grade, White lines in the print, Printhead replacement, Ribbon replacement, Blank labels, Vertical lines in print, Diagonal lines on print, Labels skewing, Label over or under feed, Print is very light, Printer not responding to Applicator, “Paper out” displayed on LCD, Labels keep spitting out, Getting “Ribbon out” “Head open” “Cover open” “Label out error” on LCD display,  and many other Zebra printer problems. We provide same day Zebra service in Brampton, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Toronto and many other cities of the GTA.

We Service and Repair all Different Zebra Printer Models including:


Zebra Desktop Printer Repair TorontoZD420 Desktop Printer, ZD420-HC Desktop Printer  , ZD500 Desktop Printer  , GX420 Desktop Printer  , GX430T Desktop Printer  , GK420T Desktop Printer , GK420d/t Healthcare Desktop Printer , GT800 Desktop Printer , GC420 Desktop Printer , ZD410 Desktop Printer, ZD410-HC Desktop Printer , TLP 2824 Desktop Printer.


Zebra Industrial Printer Repair MississaugaZebra ZT600 Industrial Printers, ZT600 Series Industrial Printers, Zebra ZT510 Industrial Printer, ZT510 Industrial Printer, ZT400 Series Industrial Printers, ZT200 Series Industrial Printers, XI Series Industrial Printers, 105SL Plus Industrial Printers.


Zebra Mobile Printer Repair BramptonQLn Series Mobile Printers, QLn Series Healthcare Mobile Printers, ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers, iMZ Series Mobile Printers, ZQ110 Mobile Printer, P4T Mobile Printers.


Zebra ID Card Printer Repair TorontoZC10L, ZXP Series 9, ZXP Series 7, ZXP Series 3, ZXP Series 1, Zebra QuikCard ID Solution.


Zebra RFID Printer Repair MississaugaZebra ZT600 RFID Industrial Printers, Zebra ZQ520 RFID Mobile Printer, Zebra On Demand Metal Asset Tagging, Zebra R110Xi4 RFID Printers, Zebra ZT400 Series RFID Printers, Zebra ZE500R RFID Print Engine, Zebra High-Performance RFID Card Printer ZXP Series 7.


Zebra Kiosk Printer Repair TorontoKR203 Kiosk Receipt Printer, KR403 Kiosk Receipt Printer.


Zebra Print Engine Repair Mississauga


DS6707-HC Handheld Corded 2-D Imager for Healthcare Applications, Symbol LS4278 Cordless General Purpose Barcode Scanner, Symbol LS9203 General Purpose Barcode Scanner, Symbol LS9203i General Purpose Barcode Scanner, Symbol LS9208 General Purpose Barcode Scanner, LS9208i General Purpose Barcode Scanner, MiniScan 22xx Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner, MiniScan 32xx Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner, MiniScan 4400 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner, CS2000 Barcode Scanner, DS4208-HC Handheld 2-D Imager for Healthcare Applications, DS4208 Barcode Scanner, LS7708 Barcode Scanner, CS1504 Barcode Scanner, LS3408-FZ Rugged Scanner, LS3008 Rugged Scanner, LS3578-FZ Rugged Scanner, TTP 2000 Series Kiosk Receipt Printer, TTP 2110 Series Kiosk Receipt Printer, TTP 2130 Series Kiosk Receipt Printer, TTP 8200 Series Kiosk Receipt Printer, TTP 8300 Series Kiosk Receipt Printer, ZXP8 Series Card Printer, RD5000 Mobile RFID Reader, XR450 Fixed RFID Reader, XR480 RFID Reader for European Deployments, FX7400 Fixed RFID Reader Support, SE1224HP OEM Laser Scan Engine, SE12xxALR OEM Laser Scan Engine, SE12xxHP OEM Laser Scan Engine, SE12xxLR OEM Laser Scan Engine, SE12xxVHD OEM Laser Scan Engine, SE12xxWA OEM Laser Scan Engine, SE2223 OEM Laser Scan Engine, SE3223 OEM Laser Scan Engine, SE4400 OEM Array Imager Scan Engine.